Helicopter Ride Over Orlando & Airboat Tour of Everglades

Helicopter Ride

So in the #Florida series previously, i posted about the Kennedy Space center here and the Universal Studios here. Closeby to where we were staying Marriott Harbor lake , there was this Helicopter tour company Orlando Heli-Tours . We used to pass by the place several times every day and one evening I could not finally resist myself and we landed up there for a tour. I think the 15 minute tours start  at $ 85 , you can go to their website by clicking on their name above and see the details..

View from Helicopter

Now I had never been in a Helicopter before so I was quite apprehensive about it . Before I selected a tour, I tested their patience quite a lot by asking them stupid Isn’t it possible i fall off from the chopper …I thought these machines didn’t have doors on the side..they do…its full enclosed… and many more stupid ones…

Anyway we needn’t have worried, I never felt so much as a jerk during our 15 minute ride and views were absolutely spectacular…the Pilot was very skilled and there were 4 of us and we could talk to each other and to the pilot through the headsets we were wearing..

Take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think…

Airboat Tour of the Everglades

So from childhood I had heard a lot about the magic and mystique of the Everglades Swamps and since I was in Florida I didn’t want to miss the chance to see it.

Swamps of Everglades

After searching around on the net, i found a couple of companies which looked good and finally I went  with Marsh Landing Adventures since they were the top rated tour on Tripadvisor. Their 60 minute tour is $49.95 and thats the one we took and they even had a 4 hour tour although I am not sure how many people would like being on the swamps for so long..

Shingle Creek which is located right here in Central Florida is the Headwaters for the Florida Everglades? Right where we take you on our exciting airboat adventures is where the Everglades start. Come take an exciting airboat ride and see where the largest living estuary in the World starts from a little creek.

The above Blurb is from their website…..The video below which I took will give you an idea of how it really is on the swamps..

I thought it was a thoroughly fascinating, especially seeing a crocodile in its natural habitat was a unique experience for me but my family was unimpressed because it was quite hot on the swamps and the airboat was only partially covered…

Here are some of the pictures I took from that day, do lot me know what you think..



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