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Coorg , India’s Eden

So for the longest time I have heard so much about the natural beauty of Coorg In Karnataka in India and have been eager to visit the place and see if it lives up to the hype.. ( TL, DR ..Yes It Does. ) and recently just before the rains started I got a chance to visit it for a few days.

I had also heard about the Taj Property in Madikeri and about how it was one of their most beautiful property and so I made a reservation there.
The nearest Airports to Coorg are Mangalore 140 kms away and Mysore, around 120 kms away. We flew in to Mangalore , stayed overnight there and then had a cab take us to Coorg the next morning which was around a 4 hour drive.

Taj Madikeri is situated around 10 Kms away from the main town and it is carved along the sides of the hill and as soon as one reaches the reception, the view is stunning, no pictures can do justice to the view.

View from reception area of Taj Madikeri.

The Entire property is carved into the side of a steep hill and is located in a forest reserve so even after sunset there are not bright lights or loud sounds allowed inside the property so as to not disturb the tranquility of Forest. While the rooms and food are both quite expensive at the property, is is certainly one of the best properties in India I have been to and the location is quite stunning. The service also was nearly flawless and very efficient and while we stayed there for 3 days, we hardly wanted to venture out since there is so much to do over the sprawlings acres of the resort itself. Some of the places of interest in the town are:

  • Coffee estate visit…there are several in the area , you can choose the one nearest to you…
  • visit to buy local spices and chocolatesCoorg Greens in the main town is an excellent one stop shop…you will get all the spices there and their sister shop next door has amazing variety of chocolates… we got lots of chocolates from there, all were very good , the coffee and Paan flavoured ones were excellent.
  • Coorg Cuisine restaurant is famous amongst tourists, since it is known for its non-veg food, we , being vegetarians gave it a miss…

Madikeri town is quite small and laid – back …apart from natural beauty there is not much to do but the natural beauty is as beautiful as it gets…see the pictures below to get some idea of it but let me tell you that it is much more beautiful than it appears..Coorg is Truly a Stunningly Beautiful place…you will feel you are in Eden.

Here are some videos of the approach to Madikeri and the Taj property

Do let me know in the comments below what you think of the place, the pictures and the videos.

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