Jodhpur Desert

Jodhpur Journey Part 2 : The desert is another place

In Jodhpur Part 1 I showed you the various places in town . In this post I am going to show you the beautiful desert around the Osian town and the camps that exist around it.

We left for the Desert from our hotel around 3 pm , after having our lunch.The journey takes around 45 mins to an hour. That is the best time because if you leave in the morning, then you will reach  when it’s hot in the afternoon and naturally you don’t wanna do that.

Soon we reached the desert and it was still quite hot although it was getting cooler. We straight away went to one of the many camps that dot the place and fixed a deal for a jeep safari.

Camp at Osian

After having some light refreshments, we left for the desert in a jeep. Soon we came upon what seemed like a pre wedding shoot which is quite popular in India these days.

It really was a beautiful place and the highlight of our trip.

we passed through many interesting sights along the way, some of which you can see in the gallery below.

Let me know if you liked the desert of Rajasthan.


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