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The Disney Parks : Stuff Dreams are made of…

So not so long ago we found ourselves in Orkando for a week and I have previously written about my experience at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaverel  , The Universal Studios Park, Orlando and Helicopter Rider over Orlando & hoverboat tour , Everglades…. but one of the biggest ( the biggest ? ) attractions in Florida is the Disney Parks and we couldn’t go back without doing that….

Now there are countless places on the net which tell you the strategy on how to complete the various parks in 1/2/3 days so I wont go into that but I will say that you should certainly pick a weekday , Mon to Friday, to visit the Disney parks, if your schedule so allows. It will make a lot of difference to how much you are able to see.

We had purchased park hopper tickets since we wanted to see both Magic Kingdom park & Epcot in the same day.

We took a cab to the Magic Kingdom and since we had already purchased our tickets from the travel desk at the hotel, we were inside the park in no time at all. I must mention that the whole Disney machine is well oiled and managed and they have all the processes down to a pat and it is all very tourist friendly.

I had downloaded the disney app for my phone and it proved really useful, especially when we purchased a photography plan of the park called the Disney PhotoPass Service. We took the Memory maker plan and were quite satisfied with it, all the pics their pro photographers used to take showed up within 15-20 mins on my app.

When we reached  Magic Kingdom it was around 11- 11.30 am and since it was August the sun was really beating down and it was very very hot..
We posed for some pictures outside the magic castle but long story short, I was underwhelmed by the Magic Kingdom Park. Maybe it was because my kids are in their teens or maybe I didn’t see that much of a qualitative difference  in experience between the Hong Kong Disneyland and this one , even though the magic kingdom park is much bigger and varied than the HK disneyland. Maybe it was the heat. In any case after having food in one of their restaurants ( which was very good ) , we planned to move to Epcot. Just as we were about to leave when we saw the parade was about to begin so we stayed for that.

It really was avery beautiful parade and most of the people in the park stopped and lined up along the path for the parade to see it.

Here below are some short videos of the parade..


Once the parade was done we went to the Transportation & Ticket Center ( TTC ) at the park and caught a complimentary Epcot Monorail. The ride to Epcot was really beautiful and we passed a couple of the famous Disney hotels along the way…

Epcot was a world of a difference from the Magic Kingdom and it was stunningly beautiful.

Now for a long time my younger daughter has been dreaming about the Frozen Ever After ride and when we reached there, there was a long line for the same. This is located in the Norway section and the whole section is once-in-a-lifetime treat for Frozen fans…

My kids were especially thrilled to meet Anna & Elsa in person at the Royal Summerhus...


After Waiting for more than 3 hours, our turn finally came for the Frozen Ever After Ride.. and it was certainly worth it.

Afte seeing the Norway section there wasn’t much time left so we saw some more sections and then had an early dinner there and left….

Here is a gallery of some of the pics from that day.. do let me know what you think of them….

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