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Udaipur…Venice of the East


So recently I had a chance to visit Udaipur and being a shutterbug I was very excited to see why so many people from all over the world rave about it. Is it really worth the hype? read on..

Accor group of hotels, owner of the Raffles Hotels will opening a property in Udaipur in 2019.
Just to give you an idea, There are only 15 Raffles hotels in the world, that’s right, just 15 .

They are in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap , Hainan, Shenzen -opening in 2019 , Jakarta , Meradhoo island (Maldives )-opening in 2018, Manila  , Singapore , Paris, Warsaw, Istanbul, Jeddah, Makkah, Praslin, Dubai

I was fortunate enough to stay at the Taj Lake Palace and it is one of the most beautiful properties I have stayed at.

First you arrive at the shore of the lake Pichola where they have their own private Jetty.

From the jetty, you are taken to the main Palace where you are greeted like royalty . Needless to stay, the lobby and the entrance is as impressive as any place you are likely to see in your life..

Rajasthan is known for its magnificent palaces  with their amazing Inlay works and decoration harking back to an era when labour was cheap and precious stones and gems were plentiful ( at least for the well-off Kings ) and the Lake palace is no exception.

The most famous attraction of the palace is the Lily pond and as in the afternoon as I was walking in the passage along with pond, there was a loud sound somewhere in the distance and all the birds just took off from there perches….see below

The Beautiful Lily Pond where scenes from the James Bond Movie Octopussy were shot
Scene From Octopussy

The palace grounds are of course, extremely well tended and it really make for a more beautiful view than any picture could ever show.


In the evening there is generally a culturual program in the palace courtyard. When I was there, the incredibly talented and beautiful Ms Papiya presented a traditional Rajasthani dance.

See her dancing beautifully to a Rajsthani folk song…then dancing on a steel plate with sharp walls and then finally throwing a couple of rings on the grounds and lifting them with her eyes !!!!!

There are 3 restaurants and all of them have excellent cuisine and service as one would expect

Dining at the Jharokha Restaurant in Lake Palace

and of course, at night the property looks ever more majestic….

lily pond at night

Between April to September is considered off season there and you could book a base category room for around INR25000 per night if you are lucky.. in rest of the months it could be anything from around 45k to a lakh..  I of course went in off season because …

I think this is one property you must stay at..the city itself is beautiful with lots of things to see and is certainly worth a visit

Accessibility is not a problem there are direct trains and flights from many cities in India.

Below are some of the pictures I took there, do let me know in comments which ones did you like

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