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    Koh Samui : La Isla Bonita ( The Beautiful Island )

      Above is a Video Summary of our trip.. So for my 2019 summer holidays, I was wondering where to go and because travelling within India has become quite expensive due to expensive flights and hotels , I thought Thailand would be a good choice because most importantly, it is very popular with my wife and kids because of the endless shopping one can do in Bangkok. Having been to Bangkok and Phuket a couple of years ago, this time I decided to visit Ko Samui and Bangkok, in that order. the weather also played a part in this choice because while Phuket and Krabi receive heavy rainfall in June,…

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    Phuket : The land of Exotic Beaches

    In my previous post I showed you the peerless beauty of Phang Nga bay and the amazing island of Ko Panyee. Apart from that I spent a couple of days in Phuket roaming around the place and I was very impressed with not just the natural beauty but also how good the infrastructure and cleanliness . the roads are very good and the beaches as you will see in the pictures below are immaculately maintained. After doing some research I decided to stay in the Holiday Inn Resort at Patong . I generally prefer staying in the middle of town , not far from the madding crowd. I stayed in…

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